The first priority for Vote Them Out is to support politicians who will uphold the Constitution. Which is why it is called Vote Them Out since the majority of our politicians have little interest in anything other than Party Politics, Self Enrichment and Reelection. They simply don’t care more for the American Citizen than their own interests. Constitution

If you have been to Vote Them Out before you will notice it is different than it was before. The reason is quite simple. Before I was trying to give people the information they needed to make an informed choice when they went to vote. That information is available many other places and I couldn’t do what was more important to me, focus on the politicians who absolutely need to go.

I am dedicating this site to exposing those politicians who are Socialists, Communists or any other thing that is working against our Country and Constitution. I ask for your help in that work, if you have information about your Congressman or Senators that you think people should know and you have the proof please send it, I will keep your identity secret, I can’t find everything on my own due to time constraints.

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