Arizona 2018

I don’t know about some of you but I’m glad Jeff Flake decided not to run. Gives people a chance to elect someone who will actually work for them and keep their oath of office. Your first task is to elect the best candidate in the primary which is as important, maybe even more critical than the general because the primary is where you decide who is running. In the general you can only vote for who won the primary. Many people complain they don’t have any good candidates and my question is did you vote in the primary?

Elections for Statewide offices and Congress
✓ Special Primary House CD 8: Tuesday 27 February 2018
Special Election House CD 8: Tuesday 24 April 2018
Primary: Tuesday 28 August 2018
General Election: Tuesday 6 November 2018

First we have the Senate seat of Jeff Flake (unfortunately John McCain isn’t up for election this year). I won’t list all of them but the first one is Joe Arpaio. We all know he is a fighter, the MSM hates him and the Left hates him which is probably the best endorsement he could have since I don’t trust any of those people. His website is . Next is Craig Brittain, he lists some of the right things on his website but I don’t really know much about him. If you have anything to say just comment below. Kelli Ward seems to say the right things on her website  too so I don’t know for sure but any one of them would be better than what you have had.


CD1 – Currently you have a Democrat Tom O’Halleran. You have Wendy Rogers and Steve Smith Check out their websites and make your best decision.

CD2 – Currently you have Martha McSally (R) who is running for Senate. You have Lea Marquez Peterson a hispanic who wants border security, could be interesting to see how the left deals with that. Brandon Ray Martin, Casey Burke Welch and Marilyn Wiles Check them out and get out there and vote for your choice in the primary.

CD3 – Currently you have a Democrat Raúl M. Grijalva personally I don’t trust him. On the republican side you have Sergio Arellano, Joe Nicolas “Nick” Pierson and Edna San Miguel

CD4 – Currently you have a Republican Paul Anthony Gosar he isn’t really being challenged.

CD5 – Andy Biggs  (R)

CD6 – David Schweikert (R)

CD7 – Currently Ruben Gallego (D). He is being challenged by another Democrat so I hope he loses his primary just to stir things up Catherine Miranda

CD8 – Trent Franks (R) leaving. Steve Montenegro (R), Christopher “Chris” Sylvester (R). Check them out, make your choice then vote in the primary.

CD9 – Open Seat, Irina Baroness von Behr(R), Steve Ferrara(R), David Victor “Dave” Giles(R), Seth Leibsohn(R) I suggest one of these in the Republican primary.