About Us

First off thank you for visiting. I know there are many websites on the internet dealing with a lot of this stuff and I appreciate your visit.

A little background information about me: I’m 63 years old and disabled, so when I complain about taxes it is not because of my paying excessive taxes since my disability pretty much insures that I don’t make enough to be taxed under the current tax code which I believe to be about the dumbest and most unfair thing in Government. Personally I favor The Fair Tax, I have had people try to tell me I was crazy because then I would pay tax and my answer is yes but so would everyone, even if their income was from illegal activities, the rich would pay more because they buy more, our taxes wouldn’t have to fund the IRS and I could choose how much I pay in taxes by either making a purchase or not. You see I agree with Mike Huckabee when he says taxing you on income discourages industry, if you tax on purchases then I don’t see the downside. Make all the money you want and pay no taxes if you don’t buy anything. Talk about taking control back from the Politicians, if they don’t listen “We The People” could cut off their funding and that certainly appeals to me.

One of the things you will notice about this website is you will never see those ads where you click on it, it takes you off site and I get paid for it. I believe that diminishes the credibility of the site. I have been doing this on my own since 2009 at my own expense in time and money and will continue as long as possible. It has been suggested by a couple of people that I provide a donate button. I held out as long as I could but the truth of the matter is I need to get a handicap van, after that anything over expenses will go to Charity.