Alabama Run Off 2017

A Tuesday 26 September 2017 runoff will be held between the top two Republican vote-getters, Roy S. Moore 40% and Luther J. Strange, III 32%.

My pick is Judge Roy Moore. His website . One of the biggest reasons I support him is that he stood up for the Constitution and would not cower to the politically correct crowd as a Supreme Court Justice for the state of Alabama. He also has an impressive list of endorsements, check them out. His stances are consistent with mine and would be consistent with any Conservative or Tea Party type or just any American Patriotic person. I would consider him an outsider like President Trump and he has a history of standing up for American Values.

I believe in order to Drain The Swamp it will require putting people in office who will Stand up for America and fight the politically correct and establishment types that have become entrenched in Washington. I believe in Term Limits and I also believe it is up to We The People to impose them. It will be a fight but our Country is worth it so if you live in Alabama please get out and vote on Tues. Sept. 26, 2017.