BREAKING THE LAW by Michael Connely


I have been asked if I believe that in their unprecedented opposition to the Presidency of Donald Trump some Democrats and other so-called progressives are breaking the law. As a staunch supporter of the Constitution and the right of free speech, freedom of the press, and the right of the American people to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances I would have to say no in most cases.

Unfortunately, a significant number of people are crossing the line and engaging in acts that are criminal in nature. For example, the right to exercise freedom of speech is not absolute and does not give anyone the right to keep others from exercising the same right. Yet, that is what is happening all over the country when progressives use the concept of political correctness to harass and shut down anyone who dares to disagree with them.

This is happening particularly on college campuses where students are being punished by left wing professors and administrators for saying something that they disagree with. Even supporting a political candidate they disagree with can lead to sanctions. It is also being carried to the extreme when students and faculty members attempt to keep someone they don’t like from making a speech on a college campus by violently demonstrating, and even physically attacking the speakers. There is no question that this is a violation of the rights of other individuals and therefore a criminal act.

The Constitution provides Americans with the right to peacefully assemble and the operative word is “peacefully”. Millions of Americans opposed the policies of President Obama and the Democrats in control of congress. They were appalled by the passage of Obamacare that was done in secret by the Democrat controlled Congress, and by numerous other actions by the President and his allies. This resulted in the formation of grassroots organizations like the Tea Parties and people took to the streets and held rallies to express their opposition.

They carried signs and American flags, and they made speeches. They did not physically attack those who disagreed with them; they did not set fires, break windows, or assault police officers. They simply exercised their Constitutional right to peaceful assembly. Let’s fast forward to the recent demonstrations by the progressives and their allies that are anything but peaceful. They often include violence against people and private property, and these activities are almost never condemned by anyone on the left, but tacitly encouraged, even by the liberal mainstream media.

The latest moves come from the ACLU, a bogus civil libertarian organization that actually seeks to destroy our Constitutional liberties instead of preserving them. They are pushing to organize efforts to create “freedom cities” where police and other local government officials will be coerced into violating federal immigration law by protecting illegal aliens, even those with criminal convictions or potential ties to terrorism from being arrested and/or deported.

I contend that all of this amounts to a criminal conspiracy particularly since there is overwhelming evidence that some of the protestors are paid and receive the encouragement of left wing politicians like former attorney general Loretta Lynch who has called on people to take to the streets, bleed and if necessary die to bring down the Trump administration. That certainly sounds like a call for violence and the comments were contained in a video gleefully released by Senate Democrats.

This fits the classic definition of sedition that was included in the 1918 Sedition Act passed by congress that prohibited “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” about the U.S. government, our flag, or military during time of war. This act was ultimately upheld by the United States Supreme Court, but has been modified over the years by the dissenting opinion of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. who called for the law only to be enforced when someone created a “clear and present danger” of immediate criminal action.

I have always agreed with the position taken by Justice Holmes and later court decisions. Yet, I also believe that comments along the lines of those made by Loretta Lynch and some other progressives fall within the clear and present danger test because they encourage criminal activity. In addition, I believe that some of what is occurring today also falls within the constitutional definition of treason that includes providing “aid and comfort” to the enemies of the United States.

When someone in our government releases information that threatens our national security and provides aid and comfort to our enemies it is treason. It doesn’t matter if the information is given to ISIS, a foreign nation like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran etc. or to WikiLeaks or the New York Times, it is still treason because it endangers Americans. Further, when the New York Times, or any other news agencies publishes this leaked information, it is treason.

There is also something else to be considered. Everyone who works for our government takes the same oath of office that I took as a member of the U.S. Army, “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” and there are federal criminal penalties for violating that oath. These penalties include a $10,000 fine, and up to one year in prison for doing anything that denigrates our constitution or attempts to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

To sum this up, I believe we are looking at a wide spread criminal conspiracy on the part of left wing organizations, elected officials, government employees, and members of the main stream media to bring down not only the Trump administration, but also the United States as we know it.

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Some Reasons Trump Won

Some Reasons Trump Won

  1) Obama calls me clinger – Yes I am a clinger. I cling to my Religion and my 2nd Amendment. The fact is they are both rights guaranteed in our Constitution so it would be un-american to not be a clinger and Trump understood that.

 2) Hilliary calls me Deplorable – I think that statement was as much of a reason for the Trump surge as anything. It was offensive and showed how little respect she had for concerned Americans, as a consequence a very large number of us wore the term as a badge of honor.

3) Bill calls me redneck – This from someone from Arkansas which is about as redneck as you can get. Shows how little respect he has for patriotic Americans too. I have always seen the term redneck as a slight from many but also as people who believe in God and Country also.

4) BLM calls me racist – Does racism exist? Of course but it isn’t only whites that are racists, blacks can be racist too. History tells us that the democratic party started the KKK yet it is Trump and his supporters that get called racist and it simply isn’t true.

5) Feminists call me sexist – I personally don’t have a problem with women and don’t think they should have a problem with me. From what I have seen Trump has hired many people and given them leadership positions based on ability, men, women, white, black or anything else without regard to color or sex and that is the way it should be.

6) ISIS calls me infidel – The way they use it I guess I am an infidel. Bottom line is if someone wants to live under American law, practice their religion and let me practice mine they won’t have a problem with me. When they want to either force me to convert to their religion or be killed then they will and should have a problem with me ( go back to number one for the explanation).

7) Trump calls me American – We all have differences but we are all taken care of in our Constitution. We are endowed with certain unalienable rights by our Creator, those rights are our birthright and no one has a right to take them away. Trump agrees with that and that my friends is the main reason he won because he spoke to Americans who are tired of being taken advantage of by people who think they know better how we should live our lives, spend our money and what we should believe. Millions of Americans stood up and said enough, we will be silent no longer.

Sanctuary Cities

I had tried to share a link on facebook and they are blocking it because apparently it was reported as offensive. I don’t agree with that so let’s see if we can get it out this way.

The article is about San Diego looking at the potential cost of being a sanctuary city.

“If San Diego County falls under the definition of “sanctuary city,” it could lose up to $724.3 million in federal funding under President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policies.”

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