Trump Prophesy Part 2

[VIRAL] Part 2: ‘Firefighter’s Prophecy: “2016 Annointed President Prophecy”

I watched this video and thought it’s true, I have been speaking to Pastor’s about 501-c3 for a few years now. Many did not know about the Johnson Amendment and just thought it had always been that way. Even the Church has been educated wrong and they didn’t know it. The same thing happens to our children learning history in public school.

The only Candidate I have ever heard speak about it is Donald Trump. I hope the Church learns the truth and does what is required. This is one of the many reasons I am convinced he was chosen for this time and why none of the weapons the globalists have used against him have worked. I urge everyone to continue their prayers for Donald Trump, his Family and members of his Team. God will take care of him but our prayers help a great deal. See Part One

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